1 Peter “Called”

***The word called is used many times in 1 Peter……..
Called – means
                  a. to call forth or call up – to call by name – to speak to us…we will know it is His voice.  It’s a personal relationship
                  b. to invite
-the callings of the Lord are invitations to say yes or no to
                  c. it speaks of our entire Christian life being a calling
(1) WE ARE CALLED TO SUFFER – 1 Peter 2:19-25 (V21)
Suffer – means to experience pain
         a. all born again believers will suffer in this life
-we are not exempt from suffering
-there are all different kinds of pain
        *** Experiencing pain does not mean:
-we are out of God’s will
-we are in sin
-we have a lack of faith
-God does not love or care for us
       ***Experiencing pain grows our compassion for others who are in pain
v23 – When He suffered – these words speak of suffering more than once
-we will all have many moments of suffering
          b. Becoming like Jesus results in some suffering
-example:  means a pattern…to copy…imitate
follow – means to be on the same road
steps – means tracks
vs 24-25 –
            v24 – Jesus suffered on the cross…this was a spiritual healing – redemption
stripes – is singular speaking of seeing one big bloody mess
astray – the condition of the unbeliever
returned – turned about or around
            v25  – Shepherd – means to care for
                    – Bishop/Overseer – to be active/to watch over
              c. We will suffer when we are wrong and when we are right
when we are wrong – v20a – we suffer when we do wrong.  We are disciplined
when we are right – v20b – when we do right, we will suffer at times – Jesus is our example to follow here
                d. Our reactions to suffering
***Let’s see how Jesus reacted when He was suffering and in great pain
1. He hit the pain head on and dealt with it
-He did not run from the pain……He handled it……
2. Jesus did not sin in His speech or actions – vs22-23
-when Jesus was insulted, He did not retaliate
Insulted – means harsh and bitter speech that wounds and stings
-when Jesus suffered He made no threats
-Jesus wanted nothing bad to happen to anyone who caused Him pain
3. Jesus handed everything over to the Father – v23b
-Jesus had no problems with God the Father
4. We receive the grace of God – 1 Peter 5:10
Grace – is the presence, goodness, peace, and strength of the Lord
   a. The Grace of God saves us
-takes us to heaven – His eternal glory
-eternal glory also speaks of only the Lord receiving glory for saving us
   b. The Grace of God can be a way of escape or the ability to walk through a situation
-the Lord can do things NOW or over time.  God’s grace will see us through…….
a. Peter talks about who we are in Christ
b. Peter talks about coming out of the darkness and being placed in light – Col 1:12-13
-v12 – Give thanks
c. Why the Lord called us out of darkness???
proclaim…declare…Show Forth – means to make widely known…to tell…advertise
-this is evangelism
-2 Tim 4:5
-What are we to declare?  excellencies…wonderful deeds…praises
***This refers to the attributes of God – kind, faithful, good, merciful…….
1. Fishing is one of the 1st things Jesus taught – Matthew 4:19
-If you are not fishing then you are not following…….
2. Fishing is going Out – Matthew 10