1 Peter 5

Peter starts off this chapter talking about spiritual leaders
-they are not better than anyone else.  Just have the gift of leadership…

v1 – elders – this speaks of spiritual leaders in the church.  Stable, mature, wise and older men

-Peter was an elder & saw the Lord and His ministry and was a part of the transfiguration of Jesus which represents the return of the Lord and the setting up of His eternal kingdom
-Leadership is all about PEOPLE…
shepherd – means to care for people
serving – means to wait on people
not for $ – in the ministry for people and not finances
nor lord it over people – be kind to and love people
Examples and not bosses – being among the people
CHIEF SHEPHERD – this is Jesus who is over all shepherds and rewards all shepherds
v5 – Likewise – this is another exhortation from Peter, but now to the entire church
Principle #1 – Submit
-we must submit for 2 reasons
1. The Bible teaches us to submit
-it reveals humility and it is promotion time
2. The Lord is our example to follow
Phil 2:5-11 – Jesus became obedient even to the point of death
-Jesus was totally submissive to the Father in every way
Principle #2 – Cast all of your cares upon the Lord
CAST – is a sports-wrestling term
-throw the weight of your issues down on the Lord
-this is a command to once and for all do this
CARES – anxieties…worry…problems...hassles…stress
UPON HIM – give all of your cares to Jesus
Matthes 11:28
Why give all of your cares to the Lord?
-they will crush us if we don’t
-Jesus cares for us