The Holy Spirit


John 16:5-15
The Holy Spirit
v5-6 — I am going away  – this is heaven
a. Heaven is real, eternal and huge
– There is life after death
– Wrong after life teachings:
1. Annihilation – no existence after death
2. Purgatory – a holding place until a person is completely clean
3. Soul sleep – fall asleep until the resurrection…not conscious
– The after life is all about heaven
– Heaven is only for those who are born again
– We go to heaven as soon as we die
– Heaven is big enough to hold everyone who has ever lived
v7 – HELPER – Paracletos – One called alongside to help – To give you a good squeeze
– He is with you all of the time – John 14:16b – Forever
– He is always helping us out
– Jesus is telling the Truth and is Truth
– Today is a turn around day and a day for a comeback…….
v8 – Jesus is leaving and the Holy Spirit is a Convicter
     a. Convicter – means to convince and is a legal term and speaks of a lawyer cross examining someone until they say they are guilty
– Only the Holy Spirit is the Convicter
– Personal Conviction
– This is for individual believers and not for the entire body of Christ
3 Biblical Areas of Conviction
1. v8-9 – UNBELIEF – unbelief is sin
– Unbelief is being skeptical – unsure…not certain…not wholeheartedly in agreement
Unbeliever – this is rejecting Jesus Christ
Believer – this is being skeptical of the Word and the Lord and His promises
EX: Matt 9:18-19, 23-26 – Jesus threw out the unbelief
2. Conviction concerning righteousness – v10
– This speaks of a righteous standard we must live by
3. This is conviction concerning judgment – v11
– This means to make a decision
– The Lord makes a decision based on a persons decision
– The believer is judged for their works
– The unbeliever is judged for their sins
– The Holy Spirit knows the future
v14-15 – The Holy Spirit will glorify the lord
Glorifying the lord means 3 things:
1. Making Jesus Famous
– More famous than anyone or anything else
2. Exalting His character – who He is
3. Exalting His works – what He has done for us
– The Lord will declare the character and works of God to people.  We will see them in action……….