Zechariah, Chapter 14

Zechariah, Chapter 14

Verse 1 – behold – means to get someones attention
The day of the Lord is coming
-it actually says “Its a day coming for the Lord”
-the end times is all about Jesus and nothing else
-this refers to the 2nd coming if Jesus Christ
-it is going to happen and occur
spoil – speaks of Israel
Israels’ enemies will will divide the prosperity of Israel among themselves
v2 – this is the battle of Armageddon – Rev 16:12-26
-the Lord uses this war to bring Israel to repentance
the city – is Jerusalem – will be taken by force
houses rifled – torn apart and taken captive
women ravished – ladies will be violated
*a remnant is left in the city – means a small remaining quantity of something
v3 – This is the second coming of Jesus
-go forth from heaven
-land in Jerusalem on the Mt. of Olives
-the Lord will fight the battle for Israel
v4 – In that day – the day the Lord returns
Acts 1:9-12a
An earthquake comes
*Jesus will enter into Jerusalem on an even plain of ground
v5 – Mountain Valley
-this is the valley created by the earthquake
-the Jewish people run to this spot and walk into Jerusalem with Jesus
Azal -this is the Eastern later of Jerusalem
The Lord My God – this is a deity verse
*He will come – this is a certainty
*The saints will come – this is angels and believers – Jude 14
saints – means set apart ones…separated ones…sanctified
Sanctification has 3 parts:
1. Positional – when you are saved, you are sanctified because you are in Christ
2. Continual – the Lord sets us apart daily
3. Eternal – this is when we go to heaven…we will be set apart forever
vs6-7 – in tat day – the day the Lord returns
v6 – everything will be dark – no light
v7 – one day – a unique day – different from all other days
v7 – there will be light from the presence of the Lord
Matthew 24:29-30
v8 when jesus comes and rules, there will be a flow of the Spirit and the Word going throughout the earth
Eastern Sea – the Dead Sea and eastward
Western Sea – the Mediterranean Sea and all nations westward
winter and summer – all year long the flow of the Spirit and Word will be occurring
v9 – the Lord rules over all of the earth and universe from Jerusalem
One Lord – only one Lord will be present when jesu rules
v10 – the landscape changes drastically because of the earthquake
-the mountains around Israel will be flattened and Jerusalem lifted up
-Israel will not be a place of sorrow any longer, but celebration – the Kings Winepress represents a place of joy and celebration
v11 – Jesus will protect Israel
vs12,15 – this is a plague from God on the enemies of Israel – a disease
v13 – great confusion and fear comes on Israels’ enemies and they defeat one another
v14 – Israel joins the battle and their enemies are plundered
v16 – these are the people who come out of the tribulation period and enter into the millennial – Matthew 24:40-41
vs17-19 the millennial starts off with all believers, but then as people are born some people make choices not to follow the Lord
-the Lord judges the unbelievers disobedience
vs20-21 – prosperity will flourish – the bells of the horses
Canaanite – no more false religions or gods
v20 – the pots represent Jesus and His Word being the main focus in the home and church