Why I love to Worship

Why I love to worship Testimony

“Worship for me is an unraveling, undoing, manifestation of my heart. Every time I raise my hands and sing out to God, it is like I am showing him what lies deep down in my heart. It is a way for him to come and search what is within me, and then permeate me with who he is, what he desires for me and what he wants to show me. I worship the God who is love, light, kindness, joy, peace, and anything else that is nothing but good. And when I open up my heart to Him I let go of all of the yuck and destruction that I have caused for myself, and all of the love, joy, peace, and healing that He is takes over and fills my heart instead. When I worship my feet leave the ground and I soar high above the sky, away from all of the trials and tribulations that this world promises. When I raise my hands I, for a moment, touch Heaven…and I am reminded that no matter what I am going through…or what shame I have felt, that one day I will be in a perfect place for eternity, at the feet of the perfect Maker and Savior. And when I touch Heaven I am reminded that while I am here on this Earth, walking through the hills and valleys, going through the deep waters and climbing the mountains that just seem to keep knocking me down…God is always with me. I am reminded that he is bigger than all of my struggles, and that he throws my mountains into the depths of the sea. I am reminded that he is my refuge during the storms. And I am reminded that I am not on my own and will never have to be. Worship, for me, is much more than a song, or a lifted hand. Worship is a deep opening, surrender, and connection with God. And when I worship, anything can happen. Not only this, but if God does all that I just explained for me, I think he is more than worthy of my praise.”
~ Allison Pounders, 16yrs old

In our Worship Arts Ministry we are always looking for vocalists, choir members, musicians, dancers, artists, set designers, and actors to be a art of our ministry. If the Lord has blessed you with a talent in any of these areas, we want you to be a part of our team! Contact worshiparts@ccwc.org to join!

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