Mark 7


v1 – Jesus is greeted by religious leaders because of His ministry
-they wanted to find things that are wrong…
v2 – scribes – they added to the law of Moses and also added their own standards for the Jewish people to follow.  They were the “Traditions of the Elders.”  man made…
vs3-4 – the problem was the washing of the hands
v5 – Jesus and His followers did not follow man made traditions
vs6-9 – Isaiah 29:13
Hypocrites – this refers to unbelievers
-it means to play the part of an actor
-their hearts were a great distance from the lord
-their worship was empty
-they laid aside the Word – to leave behind to go to something else
vs9-13 – an example of them not following the Bible was them not taking care of their parents
vs14-23 – this evil and wickedness comes from the inside of humanity – THE HEART
-the source of Holy Living is from within and not without
-the Lord makes the Mosaic system of clean and unclean foods null and void
-what we eat has nothing to do with how holy or close to the Lord we are
-what we eat is a choice we all make, but has nothing to do with our relationship with Jesus
***demons and the devil are not mentioned in these verses – it is the heart
                                    We must all get our hearts right with the lord…
(1) BE SAVED – Jeremiah 17:9-10
-only the Lord can change a heart
-stopping things will not change your heart
(2) BE AWARE –
-focus on yourself and realize your heart must continually be changed
-look inward and not outward – do not have a victim mentality
-do not blame others for your heart issue
(3) BE FILLED – Ephesians 5:18
-being filled keeps our hearts right with Him
-being filled defeats the flesh daily
-this is a daily spiritual exercise
-Phil 2:12-14 – it is work
(4) BE CONFESSING – 1 John 1:9
-this keeps your heart clean
-if we sin, He forgives us and we remain right with Him
(5) BE PRAYING – Psalm 51:10
-crying out prayer changes things
-prayer changes our hearts