Feeding 4,000 People

Mark 8

                                Feeding 4,000 People
-Jesus fed 4,000 people.  They needed to be fed NOW… – vs2-3
-God is a God of the NOW
-We need NOW disciples
-There is a NOW move of God happening across the earth NOW
     We need a move of God because Jesus is coming back soon:
Signs of the last days:
—–Nuclear Expansion
TO HAVE A MOVE OF GOD…….TO BE USED IN A MOVE OF GOD…….There must be many spiritual ingredients that must be present……
***Ephesians 3:20-21
(1) We must have a supernatural NOW mentality
-V20 NOW
-We need a move of God NOW
-We need to believe for revival in Pasco County NOW
-do not doubt or be skeptical
(2) We need to place the entire emphasis on Jesus Christ – Revelation 1:1
-a NOW move of God is all about Jesus
-we are not to be celebrity driven…or movement driven…but Jesus driven…
The words To Him are used twice in vs20-21.
TO HIM means To Turn To Him…….
-turn to Jesus and then we can praise Him – v21
Turning to the Lord speaks of 3 Things:
                    1. FOCUS – Hebrews 12:1-3
-focus on Jesus and not on problems in your life or in our country…
                     2. REPENTANCE
-it means to change your mind/a 180 degree turn
-we are turning away from sin and to Jesus
-give the Lord permission to look into your life to reveal anything not pleasing to Him
                    3. SPIRITUAL HUNGER
-Matthew 5:6
-definition of hunger – means to be starved…a craving…famished
     3 Points About Spiritual Hunger
                   ***POINT #1 – Spiritual hunger is a divine yearning for what is missing in life
-what is missing in life is a personal on fire relationship with Jesus Christ……
                   ***POINT #2 – Spiritual hunger is divine or spiritual starvation
-to receive more from Jesus – there is always more
-no matter how long you have been saved or how close you are to Jesus
-there is a price to pay
                  ***POINT #3 – Spiritual Hunger is being where the hurting are
-evangelize in the community and see the needs.  You will become hungry…
Why turn to Jesus?  HE IS ABLE
-it speaks of God being all powerful
-it speaks of God showing His strength
He is Able – it speaks of explosive power and dynamite ability and energy that will explode into your situation and blow things apart to destroy disease and change lives
-He is Able – this is a Fact and the Lord can do it……..
-Do Not Question God’s Ability…
Exceedingly abundantly above
-the word hyper is used twice in these 3 words…….
-there are active children and hyperactive children
-you can extend your knee or hyperextend your knee
– when you put hyper with another word you are adding some power.  It speaks of being way beyond beyond….it is multiplied abundance…..
-this is all so we can have a NOW move of God and be used in this Now movement – according to the power that works within us