Young Adults

Young Adults Ages 18 to 25

Young Adults is considered to be ages 18 to 25 whether Single, Married, just out of school, college, just getting married.


God built us for community with others.

We believe it is important to have a group of people in your life who consistently encourage you while doing life, as well as challenge you in your relationship with Jesus. No matter your background, denomination, church or non-church affiliation, ALL ARE WELCOME to attend any event, at any time.

Regular Meetings:

Sundays at 6:00pm Starting January 2021. We gather and break down in to small groups for prayer bible study and worship


Join us monthly at various locations in the area  for a time of fun, food and sharing the love of Jesus.

Small Groups:

We have small groups for the following areas that meet at various places throughout the week.  * Young Marrieds, * Young Men’s Study group, * Young Ladies Study group, * “Going Deeper” Bible Study Group, * “Transitions” Group (learning how to take the next steps in life- What next after school?, Securing a Job, Building your finances, etc)


We will have various events throughout the year for all young adults whether married or single. Retreats, Gatherings, Meetups, Beach Parties, Conferences and various Outreaches.

For more information contact Pastor Jeff Queen at (727) 271-6778   or email

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