Mark 2:1-12

***We need a spiritual breakthrough…….
Breakthrough means:
*to smash an obstacle to make progress
*a military offensive that penetrates the enemies territory
*to remove anything that restricts a flow
Jesus, the Breaker, is going to give us a breakthrough – Micah 2:13
-we need a breakthrough in the body of Christ, the nation and our community
v4 – For there to be a breakthrough – there must be prayer – v4
***Prayer is Work
***Prayer Works
***Prayer Creates Work
Prayer Is Work – the men dug a hole in the roof
Prayer Works  – the Lord answers prayer – 1 John 5:14-15 & Matthew 7:7-8
         Prayer Produces The Supernatural – this paralytic man was saved & healed
***We must pray believing prayers – James 5:15
-prayers that are alive
Prayer Creates Work
-there is more people to be discipled…more people are saved…more happens
     ***Why 4 Men?
-This speaks of corporate prayer
-There is personal prayer and corporate prayer
-This is the pattern for the early church – Acts 2:14-15 – look at the results of corporate prayer – Acts 1:14
***There are some hindrances to prayer—–
1. Prayerlessness – James 4:2
-our prayers are not answered when we do not pray
-do not complain about the church or nation – PRAY
2. Praying with the Wrong Motive – James 4:3
– we need to have right motives that go along with the heart and Word of God
-praying in tongues produces the right motive – 1 Corinthians 14:1-3
***To get a breakthrough, we need EVANGELISM
*there were 4 men – v3 – this speaks of direction to the north, south, east and west…
—they brought this paralytic to Jesus Christ
Evangelism is when people are so zealous and passionate with the central figure of Jesus Christ that they in turn set others on fire…
—No Excuses allowed when it comes to witnessing and Evangelism…
Nehemiah  – 10 gates were around the city of Jerusalem
1. The Sheep Gate – Nehemiah 3:1-2,32
-this is the first gate repaired and mentioned.  It represents salvation…
-this was the gate which the sheep and lambs was brought through to be killed & sacrificed
-the sheep gate has no locks and bars on it – salvation is open to everyone
-the sheep gate is the closest to the temple – when u are saved, get to church
-the High Priest, which represents Jesus Christ, built the sheep gate
***Jesus has everything to do with salvation
2. The Fish Gate – comes right after the sheep close and was close to it
-the fishermen of Galilee brought their fish through this gate
-it represents evangelism – Acts 1:8
EVANGELISM  helps people here and there – Titus 3:4-7
-there is heaven
here is here on earth
EVANGELISM is telling someone about Jesus
-because there is an interview
-because of obedience – Matthew 28:18-20
because of great compassion for people