Abide 15


John 15:5-8
                  POSSESSION – 1 JOHN 5:13 & Phil 3:10 & John 15:16
-You know you are saved and born again.  You are progressing in your Christian faith.  Your desire for Jesus, church and the Word is moving forward…….There is fruit…v5
                  PROFESSION – Matthew 7:21-23 & 1 John 1:6-8
-you say you are something when you are not…
v6 – If anyone does not abide in Me – this is profession
If you do not possess Jesus, you are eternally lost and need to be saved…v6
PRIORITY – Abide in Me – the word Abide is used 10 times in John 15
-It is the #1 priority for every believer after they are saved….Matthew 6:33
-why is it the priority in our lives?
-it is the time we spend with Jesus
-it produces Christian character
    ***this is work – Phil 2:12-13
Priority includes:
(1) DISCIPLINE – we get the english word discipline from the word Disciple
-discipline – is following a set of principles that produces character and a certain pattern of behavior
             *it is discipline to abide in Jesus daily and defeat the flesh – Gal 5:16
***Christianity is a faith of discipline
(1) The flesh and spirit parts of believers speak
-walk in the Spirit and listen to the voice of God over the flesh
(2) Whichever part of you that you feed, that is the part that will dominate you
-We can have victory over the flesh every day.  It is the choice of the believer..
Abiding has many blessings:
(1) PRAYER – v7 – our prayers will be answered
-if we do not pray, the Lord will not move
-when we do not abide, we are out of fellowship with Jesus (still saved) and our prayers will not be answered – Psalm 66:8…Jeremiah 11:14 & 7:16-18
-Abide in the Lord and prayers will be answered…
   When we pray:
         ***Our Prayers Must Be Unlimited
-never limit God with your prayers
-nothing is to difficult for the Lord
         ***Our prayers must be urgent
*because of the times we are living in
*because of the amount of people who are not saved
*for God to move on our behalf