Zechariah 9
Zechariah 9 – Israel wil be defended against all of its enemies
v1 – burden – means a declaration or publication of God speaking
– It is a Word from the Lord
v1 – Hadrach & Hamath – speak of the modern day nation of Syria
v2 – Tyre and Sidon – speaks of modern day Lebanon
Against – means to drop a rock on/to place weight on someone
resting place – speaks of the chastisement of the Lord resting upon some nations of the world
*******The eyes of men refers to 2 things:
(1) The Jewish people are watching the nations around getting punished
(2) The Lords’ eyes are on the Jewish people
v4-8 – refer to Philistia at the time of Jesus – enemies of Israel
v8 – I will protect and surround Israel
My Eyes – These are the eyes of the Lord that know the past, present and future
v9 – This is the first coming of the Lord – this describes Palm Sunday
Rejoice daughter of Zion – these are believers excited because Jesus has been born
Shout Daughter of Jerusalem – these are unbelievers.  They can shout because Jesus was born to save them
The Description of Jesus Christ:
     King is coming – He will rule the entire universe
     Just – means to be right
     lowly – humility & means to be dependent on God
v10 – The Second Coming of Jesus Christ
*Ephraim is Israel
*This speaks of the last days when the enemies of Israel come against Israel
*Jesus returns to Israel and defeats all of their enemies
*Revelation 19:11-21
v11 – The Lord is speaking to believers
*A blood covenant – The Lord keeps His Word at all times
*Because we have a blood covenant with Jesus:
1. We are Free – from the power of sin
-we have to walk through it, but we are free
2. We are sanctified – V12
SANCTIFY – means to set apart
Therefore, get out of Babylon….(the world system)…
—You will receive double – 2 Times
Israels’ Enemies Will Be Defeated – vs13-14
v14 – The Lord wil blow a trumpet to gather everyone together for war
*To win the battle – people have to fight – v13
*To win the battle – the Lord Himself will fight – v14
—like a whirlwind – hurricane force winds…….
v15 – Our God is Big——-get your eyes on a big God..
——-slingstone – refers to David and Goliath – a slingshot and one stone
v16 – When Jesus returns Israel will be saved
-His children are special to the Lord and He will fight for them
v17 – The Lord fights for us because He is Good and Gracious (beauty)
*Then Israel will prosper and people will be happy when Jesus returns…….