Zechariah 8

v1 – the Word  – means to pledge and make a promise
a. The promises of God never fail – Joshua 23:14-15a
b. Some of the promises of God are unconditional
c. We must stand on the promises of God – Eph 6:10-14a
– We must wait at times for the manifestation of the promise
– Praise the Lord that His promise to you will be fulfilled
– Focus on the promise and not the problem
The Lord of Hosts – means Lord of the armies
– Used in vs2,3,4, 6(twice), 7, 14,19,20 & 23
– This includes angels and believers
– Every believer is in the army
                (a) an army is a disciplined force of people
                (b) an army understands its enemy – Eph 6
                (c) an army takes on friendly fire at times
                (d) each person in the army has their own position
v2 – I am Zealous – means to be sizzling hot/full of passion/emotional
Zion – represents all believers, but believers in the nation of Israel
* This speaks of what the Lord thinks toward us as believers
v 3 – One of the promises of God – Jesus is coming back
I wil return – it will happen
* Jesus is coming back to Israel – His personal presence will protect Israel and help them through difficult times
* The City of Truth – this is the Word of God.  The Word will be reinstated and will rule everything
Jesus will be known as the Holy Mountain
– Holy – means to be set apart
– Jesus is Holy and we must be Holy
v4-5 – Peace and Prosperity Occurs
Peace – you will be able to sit outside on the streets in Jerusalem
Prosperity – there will be joy and laughter because of the prosperity
v6 – Marvelous – means beyond one;s power/very difficult
– It is difficult for us to do this on our own, but its not too difficult for the Lord…
vs7-8 – The Jewish people will be brought back to Israel in the last days
East & West – Represents all parts of the world
v8 – Be – means to become
– The Jewish people will become the people of God.  They strayed, but will come back….
Righteousness – the Lord will be their righteousness.  Religion will be replaced by Christianity