Zechariah 10

v1 – Israel is finally back with the Lord.  Now they can get their prayers answered…
Abiding in the lord – John 15 – gets our prayers answered every time…
v2b-3 – the Lord will punish the nations that are against Israel and is upset at the shepherds who oversee Israel
The Lord was upset at the shepherds:
1. They were not vocal against Israel worshipping idols – v2
Teraphim – small idols that were prayed too such as statues
Idol – Is something more important in our lives than Jesus — something you love more than Jesus
How to be Free form Idolatry?
1. develop an intimacy with the real thing – Psalm 63:1-8
– All other gods or idols are false & can do nothing of us
2. Make a decision to allow nothing to rule you except Jesus
Money – 1 Tim 6:10…Matt 6:24…Mark 10:17-27
– The Lord always puts His finger on issues in ou lives
v3 – God is doing a work……..
The Lord will make us into something He can use…
– Ephesians 2:1-10
v4 – from Him – from means out of Him which is out of Israel
Out of Israel came Jesus……..
1. Jesus is the Cornerstone – speaks of our foundation
– We are to build our lives on Jesus
2. Jesus is the Tent Peg – you hang clothes and hats on a tent peg
– Place all of our problems on Jesus
3. Jesus is the battle bow – this is a bow and arrow
– Jesus will fight our battles and defeat all of our enemies
4. Jesus is the Deliverer –
Jesus will deliver Israel from every oppressor
v5 – this is a description of Armageddon
Rev 16:12-16 & Rev 19:17-21
v6 – God is a God of Unity
Judah – the southern tribe or kingdom of Israel
Joseph – the northern tribe or Kingdom of Israel
1. The Lord unifies – the enemy divides
– The Lord also reunifies
2. Unity is based on Jesus – not doctrine vision or worship
3. Unity brings great blessings – Acts 1:14, 2:1,46-47…4:23-31
v7 – God will bring the backslider back to Him
– Ephraim is described in Psalm 78:9-11
– The Lord will whistle and bring the backsliders back to Him
– The Lord will turn their lives around
v9 – God places people where He wants them to be to be a witness
v10,12 – The Lord is our Strength and gives us strength for our call…
v11 – Nothing can stop us from fulfilling the call the lord has on our lives…