Zechariah 10:1

                                             Spiritual Rain
v1 – Israel is back with the Lord and as they pray the Lord answers…
*we need spiritual rain everywhere………
Why do we need spiritual rain?
1 Chronicles 12:32 – we must understand the times in which we are living
a. concerning the body of Christ
b. concerning our nation
c. concerning the return of the Lord
*What is Spiritual Rain?
(1) Spiritual Rain is the Lord Himself – Hosea 6:3
– No individual or movement is the rain.  Jesus is the Rain…
a. when the Lord comes to us He comes for everyone – Zech 10:1
b. Rev 3:20
c. When the Lord comes to us He cleans us up
Clean positionally – John 15:1-3
Clean over a process of time
Sanctification – means to set apart
(2) IT JUST DOESN’T RAIN – Mark 4:35-41
– When you ask for rain, you get some other things also – thunder, lightning
– These items represent the trails and difficulties of life
– The enemy is involved also – Mark 4:39 – Rebuke ——- means to put a muzzle on it.  The Lord uses the same word when He rebukes a demon…
*Sometimes it stops raining for a period of time…  Why?
1. So we will not go by our feelings
– Stand on the Word even when you are numb
2. To see what is in our heart
– Heat tests the heart…rain does not
3. To increase the amount of humility in our lives
– Things go well when there is spiritual rain.  Pride rolls in…
(3) WE DESIRE THE LATTER RAIN – Zechariah 10:1
– No floods
– We need an effective soft rain that soaks into the ground
– To receive the latter rain, certain ingredients were needed such as a source of water, the heat of the sun, cool air, particles in the air and then rain is produced
– For there to be spiritual rain, certain ingredients are also needed:
(1) A spirit of expectation – means to look for something
(2) A spirit of prayer
(3) Faith
(4)  Repentance
(5) A godly zeal
(6) Fasting
– Set aside the appetite and only drink water