Zechariah 10:1

v1 – Israel is back with the Lord now.  There was no rain because of their disobedience in the past.
– They finally received physical rain, but we need spiritual rain
What is spiritual rain?
– The blessings, presence and refreshing of the Lord…
a. Ask who – The Lord – Jehovah
– The Eternal One who give life – Isaiah 43:10-12
 Teraphim – Idols – Israel worshipped idols in their homeland & Babylon
b. Asking has a lot to do with abiding – John 15:7
– When we abide in the Lord (continue, remain and stay with Him) He answers our prayers.
c. Ask and receive – Matthew 7:7-8 and James 4:2
– We need spiritual rain – ask and we will receive
d. Ask and be patient – James 5:7 and Zech 10:1
– Asking does not mean that we will receive immediately
– But expect for things to happen…expect means to look for
– While waiting for answered prayers, the Lord will give you signs of hope
v1 – Flashing clouds – Represents lightning and thunder/dark rain clouds
(2) WE NEED REAL SPIRITUAL RAIN – Zechariah 10:1
“He will give showers of rain” – meaning it is the Lord’s rain
– We need real rain and not fake rain…
– Acid Rain – rainfall made acidic by the pollution of people.  Hurts people and the environment.  It is not water that people can drink
The Seeding of Rain – this is man producing rain through chemical reactions in the atmosphere and with clouds..  It is called other rain
Gal 1:6-9 & 2 Cor 11:3-4, 13-15
We need real rain…real rain cleans things up – HOLINESS…GODLINESS
(3) WE DESIRE THE LATTER RAIN – Zechariah 10:1
– No floods please.  They destroy an harm people and property
– The latter rain is a constant soft, effective rain that soaks into the ground
– This rain matures the crops
– To receive this rain – there are certain ingredients needed
a. it is always raining somewhere on the planet
b. ingredients
– A spirit of prayer
– Great faith
– Repentance
– A Godly zeal for spiritual things
– Fasting