The Lamb of God

Lamb of God definition – means one who is kind, gentle and tender and could be a pet lamb
(1) EAT THE LAMB – Exodus 12:8-10
(a) Eat the Lamb roasted in fire – v8
– The Lamb was roasted
– God’s judgment came on Jesus and not the believer
– 1 Thess 5:9 & 1:10
And eat the Lamb quickly – you never know when you are going to perish and die
(b) Eat the Lamb with bitter herbs – v8
Bitter herbs – are like a salad with some bitter ingredients
– This speaks of the disappointments and hardships in life
Eating the Lamb does not exempt the believer from trials & hardships
c. Eat the Lamb with Unleavened Bread – v8
– Leaven represents sin in the Bible
– Unleavened bread represents not having sin in the Bible
(1) The Feast of Passover –
– One day long
–  Salvation is a one day event
– Redemption is to a process
(2) The Feast of Unleavened Bread
– Unleavened bread speaks of no sin
– Is 7 days long
– Starts right after Passover ends
– 7 is the # of God and represents the believers entire life
– Jewish families cleaned out their homes of all dirt and dust at this time…
-This must be done until we go to heaven – have nothing to do with sin
What are we going to eat?
(1) The Head – represents the mind and will of the Lord
Will – means the plan, purpose, desires and wished of God
– It is not always easy to do the will of God
(2) The Legs – this represents our walk
– Look at a persons track record
(3) The Inward Parts – v9
– This is the heart of the Lord
– The Great Commission
(2) WORSHIP THE LAMB – Revelation 5:11-14
– These verses take place in heaven
-v11 – Elders – all born again believers in heaven
-v12 – It is loud in heaven
Luke 19:37-40 – this is Palm Sunday when Jesus enters into the city of Jerusalem
– Don’t ever allow your praise to stop
– Practice the “I WILLS” of praise – Psalm 34:1,3
Why is praise so loud?
– The Bible describes praise 99% of the time in an active voice – verbally & vocally – Ps 66:8 & 66:1-4,8
– And the Lord is worthy to receive praise – Revelation 5:12
Worthy – means to deserve something
– Jesus deserves to be praised
Worship the Lord – means to value Him
The depth of our relationship with Jesus determines our level of praise…