Its Harvest Time

It’s Harvest Time

John 4:1-8 & 25-38
John 4:1-8, 25-38

– v1-8 – Jesus is out ministering and must go through Samaria – v4

– The Jewish people had no dealings with the Samaritans

– Jesus invaded the culture

– v8 – The disciples were thinking about their stomachs (flesh) and food
– v27-30 – The woman at the well, a Samaritan, was saved as were others (v30)
– v31 – The disciples were thinking about eating again
– v32 – Jesus was hungry for spiritual food which really fills you up and is good for you……..
– v33 – The disciples were hungry again
– v34 – The Lord had a spiritual hunger

1. Hunger for Jesus, His Word and House – more than anything else
– Matthew 5:6 – spiritual hunger fills you up

2. Build your hunger – Jude 20
– Read and study the Word of God
– Pray daily
– Always attend church
3. Each Person Decides Their Own Personal Hunger Level
– You get to choose how much of Christianity you want
Who sent Me – there Father sent the Son and sent CCWC to this area

– It is our assignment and mandate

– The enemy does not like it

Finish His work – this is there work at the cross – “IT IS FINISHED”


1. Its Harvest Time – v35

– Do not say the harvest is down the road…it is here…it is now

– How do we know the harvest is here and now?

– The signs in the days in which we are living showing the return of the Lord is close
– Why get involved in the harvest? It is the will of the Lord.

– Will – means he plan, purpose and desire of the Lord
– This is why the Lord keeps us here on earth

2. See The Harvest – v35

– Lift up your Eyes – redirect your heart to the will of the Lord and what He is doing…….

– It is amazing what people put their eyes on

– Focus on the bad or focus on the good

– See What God Sees

3. Gather in the Harvest – v37-38

– Hosea 6:11 – a harvest has ben appointed for CCWC

– The Lord cannot bring the harvest in Himself. He needs believers to help get the job done

4. The Reward of the Harvest – v36-38

– People enjoy receiving rewards

– The sowers and reapers receive a reward