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Each year we send World Team Members, to different countries to work along side of our missionaries. Dates and locations for our trips are updated monthly in our church Time Line Magazine. These trips are designed to train, empower, and equip the short-term missionary to learn to walk more confidently in the calling the Lord has placed on their life.

There is an application process for anyone interested in being one of our World Team members, if you are interested simply click the link below that says “application”. After we have received your information we will contact you shortly. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us via call or text to 727-364-2876 or email Charlene@ccwc.org. The Lord is doing something exciting across the globe and He wants YOU to be a part of it.

World Team Application


2017 World Team

Atlanta (Middle School only) June 4-8

$250.00 Per Person

Our students are looking forward to returning to “SafeHouse”, in Atlanta Georgia. It is the vision of SafeHouse to “affect real change in the lives of those in the margins of society, by providing a hand up, not just a hand out.” It is amazing to watch our students be the tangible hands and feet of Jesus as they serve the hungry, pray for the broken and proclaim Jesus to the lost.

Philippines June 13-27

$2,300 Per Person

Missionary Jeffrey Rice will be leading the team into the heart of Manilla. We will have feeding programs, film showings, and ministering to the underprivileged families who live on the streets. We will also host a crusade in Ermita also known as the “Red-Light district”. The second part of the trip we will partner with Face The Children where we will visit the children’s home, garbage dump, hospital, and host VBS on the streets.

Dominican Republic – June  24-30

$1,200 Per Person

We will be taking a team to the DR to serve with the Sucher Family in redemption village, an area with hundreds of poor and needy families. This is a great trip to serve the whole family as we feed the poor, encourage and pray for the sick and be the hands and feet of Christ. We will also be ministering through worship, teaching, and vacation bible school. This will be a power-packed week of ministry!

Mayan Yucatan July 8 – 15

$1,200 Per Person

This trip we will be partnering with Bill and Cathy Craver the Founders of DCI. We will have the opportunity to minister the gospel to the Mayans, a beautiful people who have been forgotten. We will be a part of mobilizing projects for community restoration through outreaches, block parties, and mentoring programs. We are also planning a large VBS/Crusade where over 1,500 people will be reached for Jesus. All ages are welcome on this trip.

West Virginia July 20-25

$1,000.00 Per Person

We are headed to the mountains to minister the goodness of the Lord to families that have spent their entire lives in the poorest parts of our country. Some without electric, some without running water… but we will bring them living water and the light of the world through the gospel of Jesus Christ.

New York City August 23-29 (Men Only)

$780.00 Per Person

A special missions trip designed for men only! This is a perfect trip for guys who have never
been on a short-term mission. Partnering with NYSUM, you will be challenged as we minister to the homeless, work with local churches in NYC boroughs and bring Jesus to the Big Apple.
Space is extremely limited so see Pastor Dave Avery to reserve your spot.

Ecuador September 13 – 24

$1,220.00 Per Person

Be prepared to preach the Gospel to the unreached tribes in the jungle. We will be coming along side our missionary Don Wolfman. There will be opportunities to teach in the school, preach at the crusade, and minister the love of Christ to the Ecuadorian people. Also, we will host a conference where we believe many women and children will be healed and set free. Please be advised, we will be hiking for long periods of time.

Cuba October 16 – 23

$1,000 Per Person

After half a century of closed doors, Cuba is finally open for missions teams from the States. God is moving on the island, as the local church plants continue to grow. We will continue to partner with Pastor Roberto and his family who are stationed in Cuba. There is always a lively fun group of people on this trip but the spaces are limited.

For more information on our future Short-Term Mission trips contact Charlene at 727-364-2876 or charlene@ccwc.org.

You can also text “Missions” to 31996.

World Team Projects 2017

Building a Water Well in Kenya-

In Kenya, over 20 million people do not have clean water to drink from.

Women and children walk over 6 miles a day, often several times a day, to fetch water from the closest river banks. Diseases, parasites, and sickness causing bacteria has always been a huge health problem in Kenya. The rate of exposure is extremely high because the water is not only contaminated at the basins and pumps where water is collected but the containers are almost always “found,” second-hand objects, often previously used for oil, fertilizer or wastes.

This year we have partnered with registering a children’s home in Awata, Kenya. This home will be for children that have been rescued out of abused, neglected, abandoned, or orphaned situations. This February, the vision is to dig a well to provide clean water for this home and the surrounding community. You to can be a part of this water project, to provide clean water they can drink, and leading them to the living water found through Jesus Christ so that they never go thirsty again.

Church Plant and Ministry Center in the Philippines-

June of 2017,we are praying to build a church and Ministry Center for the victims and families of Human Trafficking in Manilla, Philippines . The Center will be located just outside of the Red Light District, an area where thousands of women and children are trapped in slavery. This center will offer daily food, counseling, education,  and also will be a place of refuge for the lost and broken. Once case studies have been made on these precious children there will be the opportunity for their rescue. They will then be brought to Frontline Children’s Home where they will have the, “Opportunity for Life”.

You can also be a part of this “Jesus Rescue Mission” by partnering with our 2017 World Team Projects.

Church Plant in the Jungle-

Missionary Don Wolfman ministers deep in the heart of the jungles of Ecuador. For years he has been working in a Bible Seminary to train and raise up tribal leaders into becoming strong men and women of God. Every year, after a student graduates from this bible school, Don visits the community of the former student to evaluate their commitment and their influence among his own people. While on these visits Don begins to make preparation to build a church in that community. This September, we have the honor of partnering with Don, for the 5th time, as we build a church in the jungle. This church is going to be a lighthouse to all of the surrounding community where many have never even heard the name of Jesus before.

Partner today with the 2017 World Team Projects.

If you would like to Give to one of our world team projects, a full-time missionary, or a one-time gift to our Missions and Outreach Department. Please follow the link and use the drop down box to giving type “Missions Donation“.


We have several street teams that invade our city for Jesus each week. We reach out in many practical ways in order to share the love of Christ and His gospel everywhere we go. You do not have to be an expert, you just have to be willing. We have plenty of simple tips to help everyone feel more comfortable in sharing their faith. Come be a part. If you, your friends, and family want to join a team or just get some more information, give us a call or text @ 727-753-9732 or email Tara@ccwc.org.


Romans 10:13-15 “and how can they believe in the one of whom they have not heard?”