Zechariah 11

The Word of God
v7 – Israels’ leaders will not share the Word of God, so the Lord will Himself
When the Word of God is taught:
1. There is favor
– The blessings of God just come – Matt 6:33
2. There is unity
– Union speaks of cords and bonds
– The Word is always for working together and against division
v8 – the Lord removed the false shepherds
v9 – rejecting the Word of God increases your problems dramatically
v10 – the staff of favor is broken in two…The favor of God was lifted off of Israel because of their rejection of the Word
v11 – the poor of the flock – the spiritually hungry – understand what is happening
1 Chronicles 12:32
v12-13 – God gave Israel and its leaders a chance to run to Him
They rejected what God offered
v14 – unity is broken – the things that held Israel together – spiritual things – had been rejected and the nation was being destroyed from within…….
v15-17 – The Lord was saying that if you do not want Him and His Word, then He will give Israel what they want….
Worthless – mean to be good for nothing
                                                  Zechariah 12
v1 – burden – means a crushing weight of judgment
– God’s judgment will come
– This is for the enemies of Israel
– God is the Judge
Judgment – means to decide…determine…come to a conclusion
– Believers are not under the judgment of God – Romans 5:9 & 1 Thess 5:9
v2 – Armageddon – the nations will surround Israel
– Armageddon is only used once in the Bible – Rev 16:12-16…it means mountain of Megiddo
– Jesus and His heavenly army fight at Armageddon – Rev 19:11-16, 19-21
– The church will be gone and it is at the end of the Tribulation period
v3 – it will come and happen
In that day – vs4, 6, 8, 9 11
– This refers to the second coming of Jesus Christ
– They cannot lift the stone and it rolls back on them and crushes them
v4 – in that day – refers to the last days
I will strike – the Lord brings confusion among the enemies of Israel
***they are blind to what they are doing
I will watch – you cannot hide anything from the Lord
Exodus 2:12-14 – Moses
Joshua 7:20–22 – Achan @ Ai
v5 – Israel will look around and see that they cannot win this battle on their own
– We cannot do anything on our own
v6 – In that day – this is the last days
A firepot or pan in the woodpile – this is what is left over from the previous days fire. The fire is out….
– This refers to Israel being down and out
A firetorch in the sheaves – this is fresh fire
– They placed more wood on the ashes and a blaze erupted
***Israel went from no fire to being on fire……..