Zechariah 8

v1 – Word – means top pledge or make a promise

– The Lord makes promises and keeps His promises

– Some of the promises in the Word are unconditional

v3 – One of the Lords’ promises – I am coming back soon
v7 – The Lord will bring the Jewish people back home
v8 – they will be my people

– The word BE means to become

– Christianity is mostly a becoming faith. Not everything is a miracle…

Eph 4:32 & 1 Peter 1:15

v9 – The Lord of Hosts means the Lord of the Armies – He is speaking…

-This term is used a lot in Chapter 8
-What is the Lord of Hosts saying?

1. LET YOUR HANDS BE STRONG – used twice in this chapter (v13b)

– Means to take a firm hold

– By faith and not by sight


Hearing or listening – means to stand on the Word of God
v10 – When we disobey the Word of God, there are consequences

Economic problems
Enemy problems

v11-12 – THE REMNANT

Remnant – means a portion

– Only a portion of born again are a part of the remnant….

– Join the remnant – Make a Decision – get saved – I will save you

– The blessings of the remnant

b. prosperity – an increase in fruit

Then be a blessing to others – v13b

v14-15 – the Lord is determined

Determined – means to mark out (mark down) to resolve

v14a – the Lord resolved to chastise Israel for their disobedience
v15 – The Lord is determined to do good to you….

So Do Not Fear……

This speaks of several things:

1. Even when we cannot see it or feel the Lord is doing good things for us

2. The Lord has some good blessings for us

3. We must obey His commands & good things will come automatically
Examples are found in vs16-17:

v17 – keep your word
v17 – stay right with God and people
v16 – guard your tongue
v16 – stay right with God and His principles
vs18-19 – turn your fasts into feasts

– It is not a time to mourn, but to rejoice. Blessings are here…
v20-23 – people will be excited that the Lord is present. They will want to go see Him and people will invite people to come to the Temple. Jesus is in the house…