1 John

1 John 1:5-10

v5 – the message we have heard from Him
– The message is the Bible – God wrote it – 2 Peter 1:20-21
Declare – to speak out and announce
-We must witness and tell people about Jesus Christ
The declaration:
a. Light Moves – light means to shine like rays
– Moves fast – the Lord is going to do some things quickly for you
b. Light is Invisible – we can see God
– Through jesus
– Through creation
– Through His works
c. Light exposes things that are hidden
– We cannot hide anything from the Lord
Darkness – represents sin, evil/a life without Jesus Christ
a. There is no sin or evil in God @ all
b. This reveals 3 things:
                 1. The Lord has never sinned one time
                  2. The Lord has nothing to do with sin
                  3. The believer needs to be like Jesus – our example to follow is Jesus
v6 – IF WE SAY – there is a difference between profession and possession
– Christianity is a possession faith
We have fellowship with Him – Koinonia – intimacy, communion, closeness
Walk in darkness – means to continually walk in sin and darkness
– This is a lifestyle of sin and not an event or an act
Antinomianism – You can sin all you want and the Lord will forgive you
v7 – Walk – Means to continually walk in the will and Word of the Lord
     2 Things Occur when we have a desire to walk continually and live for Jesus
1. We have fellowship with other believers
2. Our sins are washed away
– When we live for the Lord our sins are washed away
vs8,10 – Perfection
– The gnostics (false teachers) of this time said you could get so close to the lord that you won’t sin any more – Romans 3:23
v8 – Speaks of a sin nature
v10 – Speaks of sins and that we can get to a place where we will not sin any more
v9 – If – A conditional verse
We – Everyone sins and no one is perfect
Confess – Means to agree with God and say the same thing God says about sin
– It also speaks of turning from our sins
Faithful you can count on and depend upon Jesus Christ
Just – means to do what is right
Forgive – to lift off and send away
– Our sins, guilt and shame
Cleanse – is a picture of a fountain that is flowing 24/7/365
All unrighteousness – is sin, wrongdoing, perverseness, rebellion and crookedness